*Netscape Browser
Download the newest version of Netscape. 
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*Internet Explorer
Download the newest version of Internet Explorer. 
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Download the newest version of Apple Quicktime. 
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*StuffIt Expander
Online Software for the Macintosh is encoded using the BinHex 4 format. After downloading any software from the Web, the downloaded file will need to be decoded using an application such as "StuffIt Expander" by Aladdin software (which is available for both MacOS and Windows). For more information on StuffIt Expander, please visit Aladdin's web site. 
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*Adobe Acrobat Reader
The Adobe Acrobat Reader application is used to read and print the on-line manuals and is available for both Windows and MacOS. 

To download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, find more information about the product or acquire program updates, please visit Adobe's web site. 

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