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    Name                            Modified    Size      Filetype                   Description

Up to higher level directory BBEdit_Lite_4.1.sit.bin 1999/05/06 866.8 KB application/x-macbinary Texteditor GraphicConverter3.6.1.sit.bin 1999/05/06 2.8 MB application/x-macbinary Convert and edit pictures StuffIt_Lite_3.6.hqx 1999/05/06 871.2 KB Macintosh BinHex Archive Compress and archive files Telnet_3.0.sit 1999/05/20 330.0 KB Macintosh StuffIt Archive Remote Access to Hosts Shoot_the_Windows.sit 1999/06/10 488.0 KB Macintosh StuffIt Archive Macromind Director Video